Friday, 11 January 2019

The Pettiness of the Human Being

You know what would suck? You are now on number eleven of your cycle of afterlives, blessed be for those who have managed to experience that many lives, perhaps within a couple thousand-year periods. I mean I myself do not know for I am not God. Anyway, the blessings of reincarnation have for the eleventh time, blessed upon your soul and your spirit for you are one truly lucky candidate to have the privilege of experiencing this many lives up to this point.

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But something, however, something isn’t quite right. You realise a certain unfamiliarity with your surroundings, the way you feel, the way you see and the way you breathe on the Earths warm surface. The realisation does not hit you instantaneously, yet once you are aware that you’ve been reincarnated as an American Bullfrog, you suddenly feel a sense of unrequited vulnerability. You feel a great betrayal from your friend, the universe and he’s sitting there laughing, mocking you. And there isn’t really much you can do. What if for the ten lives prior to this one, which you are now about to embark on, you’d been a terrible, terrible person. This was your punishment. A massive middle finger from the world, the earth, the universe, signed, sealed and delivered straight to you, and there wasn’t shit you could do about it as you are so mundane and insignificant. Your insignificance is now radiating off you and it’s scary. Hawks fly above you, whilst Alligators lurk within your new space of habitat. Fuck, were you even a human being in any of your lives before? Fuck knows, and who cares? Arguably, there is probably a long list of more degrading species one could be reincarnated as but I mean goddamn it, what had you done that was so bad in your previous life/lives to experience such a denigration within the hierarchy of living and breathing things. Yes, you are most definitely a living and breathing being – which is a blessing – but as you sit there, gaping with the huge pair of eyes as a ‘lithobates catesbeianus’, well shit you know. Hopefully I pray that none of those reading this become cursed within their lives to come. Hell, I might have even jinxed myself for coming up with this scenario. But, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. The point being, that it would fucking suck.

Life is a truly wonderful, beautiful thing.
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It takes no Jesus Christ to realise that life is a notion that we as human beings take for granted, in every way possible. Waking up every morning, oh, alive and breathing, blinking, feeling, eroticising, fantasising, every second of it all is a blessing as our chances of actually being alive and here, are minimal. And man, is there a hell of a lot to do whilst being alive in this world. Places to go, humans to meet. Humans have taken upon their own curiosities to now go even beyond what we see and feel on this earth, by exploring outer space, going to Mars etc. Did you know that 83% of planets have yet to have been discovered yet?

A sad truth however, is that not all of us are equally born with the commodities and virtues of what it means to be human. Some of us are born with physical birth defects, behavioural distortions, additional sexual organs. In the light of some, such as Stevie Wonder who was more or less, born blind, a person could not allow this hindrance to prevent them from living a fruitful live– Young Stevie grew up to become a virtuosic and successful musician. However, take one individual, Joseph Merrick, or more popularly known by beautiful humans as ‘The Elephant Man’. This is a man for who the majority of his life, was ostracised simply due to his physical appearance, thus for the Victorian public to label him as one that resembles an elephant, as opposed to a human being. And I guess for the majority of his life, I can imagine that he was treated like an animal, dying at the age of 27 – one of the earlier members for those who know. He allegedly spent just one night sleeping on his side, as for once, he wanted to experience what it was for a human being without facial deformities to sleep, only for this to induce a prevention of blood flow going to his brain and, his death due to asphyxiation. I’m no scientist so I cannot explain to you the entire process of how the man died but I mean goddamn, it’s pretty whack. But in a way, he was now free, free from all the mockery and dehumanisation that he had received his whole life, from such petty and narrow-minded individuals whom dare I even refer to as ‘human’. Perhaps this spirit of Joseph Merrick now lives on in a great individual within today’s world, perhaps Elon Musk or Donald Trump. Or maybe his spirit lies within you, or me.

One thing for me that makes life such a wonderful thing is the overall meaningless and pointlessness of it. The fact that any kind of theory, idea, belief, religion, establishment and sex position has been derived and created by us, humankind. Yet the answers that we so desperately and constantly thrive to find, are non-existent. On a smaller scale, we engulf ourselves within problems and issues that really do not need to be made into a big deal, or any kind of deal at all yet it’s in our nature. Issues are a part of what it is to be human, all being part of what I’ve coined as, ‘a hierarchy of human issues’. When you were a small child, it was the end of the world when you’d impetuously, stupidly kicked the ball over the fence into the neighbour’s garden and now had to burden up the courage to ask for your ball back. Ten years along the line, it became the end of the world when you found out that the girl you believed had a real, genuine connection with, had been cheating on you for a year with her pet dog, Yusef. Twenty years into the future and after a happy life of mortgages, failed relationships, unreached goals and numerous more unfulfillments and disappointments, just when you think you’ve found a spark within this new ‘different’ woman whom ‘there’s no one on Earth like’, well let’s just say little Richard dies on you at the perfect moment and before you know it, she’s moved on to a hunkier and more ‘sexually able’ individual.
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The most reassuring thing in the world for me is knowing that any kind of terrible thing that can happen in my life is so small, and insignificant within the bigger scheme of the world, everything that has existed and everything that will continue to exist. Every humiliating moment will be forgotten and I mean the worse that could happen is the story of how you threw up at the family New Year’s Party, will soon become a fable, a story within the future years to come amongst my great great great great great great great great great grandchildren. And who knows how the story may have evolved by that point? By 2719 AD, it could be so distorted that the story no longer even has any resemblance to the original topic. Fuck, these kids are talking about how some dude in their family history went toe to toe with a wild boar named Raymond and defeated him with the use of telekinetic energy – on New Year’s Eve.

So, to conclude, you know don’t get mad if ma is telling you to clean your room for once, or if your boss is an asshole, or if your breasts aren’t big enough – it doesn’t matter and will never matter because you’re irrelevant af anyway. Humans are great creatures, but horribly petty creatures and man you know if World War 3 ensues through the likes of a trivial and negligible Twitter feud between the US and North Korea, yeah, a few bombs will get thrown, couple million dead but no biggy. Doesn’t really mean shit and its petty as hell anyway. Petty fucking war. So, to counteract this pettiness, one must tend an optimistic approach to life, making stoicism your best friend and just getting the fuck on with it.
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Here’s a poem written by one of my favourite people to ever exist, Plato;
‘Let’s not cry, let’s stay alive, because dying is only sleeping forever,
Let us be and we shall be free, let me know what it means to be me,
Such simplicity, electricity, turn off the lights open up and so we,
Can just learn to let go, through sun and through snow,
Stop telling these lies, grow with tranquillity,
Leaves upon branches, such views, different stances,
The words have been written, and the alphabet too,
Yet its flowing and flowing, almost is something, new,
Can’t deny I must feel, I must love, yet renew,
Wish not to be fake, wish only to make,
My people happy, why can’t they be happy,
I’m sappy, your sassy, like leaches, just latching,
I don’t mean to bother,
Or hover around,
I forget that you’re blind, can’t see what you’ve found,
We’re breaking, not tearing, my conscience is glaring,
Only too long must it have been since this intimate sharing.’

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