Tuesday, 3 May 2016


The world is congested with opinion. Every single individual present within the 'Great Planet Earth' and the other fifteen-hundred thousand planets, galaxies and solar systems has their own personal opinions on particular topics. Every single individual is entitled to their own opinions. Opinions are constant. 'This song is better than that song'. 'This movie is better than that movie'. 'This video is funnier than that video...no, this is hilarious, not that!' 'Drake is a better songwriter than Mozart'. 'No wait, Drake IS Mozart'. 'Tottenham are a better team than Arsenal'. 'Ronaldo is a better player than Messi'. 'He is cleverer than him'. 'My girlfriend is hotter than your girlfriend'. 'Keith gives better dick than Brad', and so on and so forth. Even the first three sentences of this post are arguably, my own opinions. And throughout this post, you may pick up on frequent expression of opinion coming from myself.

Opinions tend to be subjective. People may find that they disagree with other people's opinions. Or they may feel as if their opinion is just plain 'wrong'. Just like the many Beatles fans all around the world, who disagreed with John Lennon's statement about the Beatles being 'bigger than Jesus'. Or the big ol' slave masters who disagreed with the fact that 'Negroes' should get treated like 'normal' people (that is, when they got to have their own say anyway). Or the hundreds of thousands of people who disagreed with the opinions of great great, fantastically amazing revolutionary people such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Malcolm X (otherwise known as El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz) or Adolf Hitler. Opinions come in all shapes and sizes and can come forth for use within an absolutely extraordinary range of different topics. However, even the most delicate of topics such as - dare I say - religion and homosexuality, are filled with conclusions that have been concluded via some kind of opinion or belief. Even the most simplest of statements are merely opinions; 'God is real', 'It is okay to be Gay'.

Now, to many, the idea of God not being real is somewhat taboo. Like the thought of Gods existence being a belief and not a fact, should not even cross one's mind. But that's the thing, whether people like it or not - or know it or not - the existence of God, or some kind of God IS a belief, an opinion. There is zero conclusive evidence to prove that God is real. In simple terms, and perhaps not the most grammatically correct ways of putting it but you get my point; God is an opinion.

Although, I personally, am the primary representation of what one may label as a 'hypocrite'. I believe in God. However, my belief is a sort of reluctant belief in the sense that it's more of a 'just to be on the safe side' kind of thing. Because let's face it, we don't know. You can argue that it's wrong to think the way I do but I mean, just in case God IS sitting there amongst the heavens staring down at you whilst you're scrolling through 'TeensLoveHorses.Net', trying to find that video you watched last Wednesday after school whilst you were meant to be studying for your Biology exam, mocking your sadness and lonliness as you can't, and never will get a girl of your own, I want to be on the safe side of things. I don't want to forever rot within the pits of hell for all eternity wishing that I actually gave the 23 pence of lose change that I had sitting comfortably within the realms of my left pocket to the poor beggar outside every Morrisons. With the narrow possibility of changing his/her life forever.
But at the end of the day, we don't know. Nobody knows. The sooner people can understand that, the easier life will be for everyone. You'll see. Then again, you probably won't ever see because people are narrow-minded and ignorant.

I have always felt as if whenever I've attempted to publicly express my opinions, especially on Social Media – primarily Facebook – I feel as if I've always caused some sort of controversial outburst or argument in which usually involves me and another stupid human being. But that's the thing, opinions are made to be challenged, there is no right or wrong answer with opinions, because an opinion is an opinion, not a fact. I don't think I'm better or smarter than anyone for thinking a particular thing, it's just what I think.

This next section is what I call a 'Bohemian Rhapsody', a sudden change in topic and tone.

At the end of the day, the opinions of a human being make up the type of person they are. However not everyone is what they seem to be or come across as. Everybody has their own personal problems and struggles, including myself. I have always – well not exactly always, but have thought for a while now – gone with the thought that 'you are not alone in your suffering'. Nobodys life is perfect and even though you may feel as if your life is awful, you are going through complete shit and your problems are the worst thing in the world, as hard as it may seem to believe, there are always people around you going through just as much shite as you whether you know it or not. That may seem like a very generic thing to say but trust me, those are words to live by. Everyone's going through shit, everyone is suffering in their own way and life is not meant to be perfect or easy. In fact when you think about it that way, without any kind of thing getting in the way or issue, life would be boring? Empty, perhaps.

Whether the struggles and stresses are to do with work, family, education, health, mental health, learning difficulties, past troubles, relationships, physical pain or society in general, I repeat, everyone is struggling, embed that into your brain. 'Oh he's good looking, he's head boy, he's head of the football and rugby team, he's popular, he's 6'1 and well built, he's got a girl, oh, and he's musically talented as well?! Damn, I'm nothing.' Well I'm sure behind all that glitz and glamour, good looks and popularity...is a 3.1 inch penis.

And of course that is an exaggeration but you see my point? There will always be something with everyone. Someone who on the outside is smiling all the time, brash, loud, vibrant and funny, off-screen, could really be spiralling deep within a world of their own depression, suffering non-stop everyday of their miserable life, putting on a fake personality just to make them seem like a 'normal' human being to everyone around them, to ensure that they gain acceptance and some sort of identity, but not only towards their peers, but towards themselves as well.

But then again, no one really likes someone who is overly serious or quiet. Girls are usually attracted to someone loud, or not necessarily loud but someone funny, someone who entertains the whole class, that guy with enthusiasm and energy, charisma, someone who seems like they're happy and content and maybe with a sense of edginess or thrill. Not necessarily someone 'bad' but someone who isn't too bothered about the unnecessary things in live and just lives. And not even just girls, everyone, everyone likes someone who is funny and high-spirited. But something I've always noticed within other people – and in some cases myself, but I'm a little more complicated as I don't see myself as having a set personality, I've always been a cross between an introvert and an extrovert – many who are like this are covering up or hiding away from their own personal battles and use this as a kind of method of self-reassurance.

And I'm sure on many occasions when some of these people have actually opened up about their true selves to others, the kind of response they may have received may have been something like 'Yeah but there's others who have it worse than you'. Or that they have 'no reason to be upset' or depressed. And it's statements like that which really get me. I mean sure, there's always someone who has it worse than you. But what people need to realise and have fully embedded into their thick skulls is that everyone is different – everyone's life, personality, views, appearance, way of thinking, take on life, everyone differs from one an other, there isn't such thing as something 'normal'. The term 'normal' is a term invented by society to help us all feel as if there is some kind of right answer to life in general when in actual fact, there is no right or wrong answer as we're all so bloody different and the term 'normal' is a ridiculous and heavily subjective term. Everyone's traits vary and they all apply differently to that specific individual.

You can't say for instance a multi-millionare with a nice, big mansion and 13 different cars can't have feelings of depression and suicidal thoughts as there are 'children in Africa who are starving' or 'Syrian refugees suffering to stay alive' who have it worse than them. You got to even it out. The way everyone takes things differs from person to person and the way someone may be affected by a certain situation may differ. I mean sure, you could say that the starving children have it awful and they are suffering pretty horendously as they haven't got much of a chance living in less-economically-developed countries but thats not the way it works. If the issue the person is facing is affecting them and causing them trouble and making their life difficult, then it is important to themselves. No one ever has 'no reason to be depressed'. It doesn't work like that.

But the bottom line is, do not judge a book by its cover. Now I've just said a shitload of cliché things which really isn't me at all and I don't think I've sworn once throughout this so fuckcuntbitchshitbastardwankdickheadassholeholeass and peace.